Red Epic - HD Video Camera Rentals - Hawaii

The following Cameras, support and lenses are available for rent.

Best rate for RED EPIC in all of Hawaii...Call for Price 808-870-6501

The WorkHorse....Red Epic. 5K - 4K - 3K - 2K - HD

Rent Red Epic with Long Lens.......

Red Epic Camera Rental Package includes:

  • Red Epic Brain
  • Side Handle Mount
  • 4 Battery Bricks + 2x2 chargers
  • 18 - 50mm Red PL mount lens
  • Satchler video20 tripod
  • Base plates and tripod mounts
  • 5" on camera monitor

Rent Red Epic with Long Lens.......

Slider / Dolly Options for Red Epic camera rental

  • Satchler Sudio Tripod (150mm Ball)
    • 5' Cinevate Atlas 10 Slider
  • Dana Dolly with up to 12 feet of track
    • Straight or curved track available

Lens options for Red Epic Camera Rental Filming in Hawaii

  • Complete set of Arri Ultra Primes

SET $650 / DAY

16mm T1.9 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$125
24mm T1.9 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$125
32mm T1.9 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$125
50mm T1.9 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$125
85mm T1.9 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$125
100mm T1.9 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$125


12mm T2.0 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$225
14mm T1.9 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$225
180mm T1.9 ARRI Zeiss UltraPrime$225

Arri - Alura - Zoom Lenses

Red Epic camera lens rental Hawaii

SET $1,100 / DAY

14.5-45mm T2.8 ARRI / FUJINON Alura Zoom Lens$425
30-80mm T2.8 ARRI / FUJINON Alura Zoom Lens$425
45-250mm T2.8 ARRI / FUJINON Alura Zoom Lens$450

Angenieux Optimo - Zoom Lenses for Red Epic

Red Epic Rental Lenses Anenieux Optimo Hawaii

28-340mm T3.2 Angenieux Optimo$650
28-76mm T2.6 Angenieux Optimo$600
15-40mm T2.6 Angenieux Optimo$600


- Long lenses, ENG setups Splash bags, and water housings available.

Grip Equipment

Grip gear, grip trucks and lights of all sizes are available on all islands.