About Us

My name is Mike Waltze.   I've been working behind the camera for over 25 years.  I 'cut my teeth' so to speak by working with some of the best camera operators and directors in the field during my early career as a professional athlete.

Television was one of my first venues where I shot, directed and edited about 18 episodes for Fox Sports in the 90's.  This was Run and Gun shooting and I still use a lot of those money saving techniques today.



Digital CinemaCameras changed the landscape of video and cinematography, and the Red Epic is one of my favorite tools.  Im comfortable hiking in the snow, in a helicopter, on a hot beach, in the water...


My specialties feature:

  • Long Lens Work
  • Documentary film making and writing
  • Corporate and Documentary Style Content
  • Interview Lighting and Sound
  • Underwater Imagery
  • Drone Footage
  • Editing


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