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Southern Georgia…

The drive to Tbilisi. No, not Atlanta Georgia… The Country Georgia that neighbors Turkey, Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. I ended up driving and camping through this amazing country by mistake. I honestly had no concept of this tiny country a year before visiting it. I needed to get some dental […]


Tbilisi, Georgia

I drove to Tbilisi, Georgia from the northern mountains of Turkey.  You can follow my Drive to Tbilisi here.. There are a few different sections to the city.  Old Tbilisi,  Really old Tbilisi and more modern industrialized Tbilisi.   The food, the people, the wind, the chacha, their local spirit made […]

Photo: Mike Waltze

My Blog

Welcome to my blog Photography, Cinematography, Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion and Food,  I love it all.   This is where I get to share my creativity. Sharing my work is new for me, but i’m trying to put as many stories here as people like to see.  If you like what you […]