Mike Long Lens

Long Lens - Sports Camera Operator

Long Lens Sports video is a specialty of mine.  I work with a Canon 50-300mm,  Canon 150-600mm, a 1200mm Nikon, Panasonic 50x lens for broadcast...


Interviews & Documentaries

Fixed, Hand Held, or Sliders, we have extensive experience with Documentaries, Concerts and Tv.  From Oprah, to Santana, to Wayne Dyer...


Writing, Editing, Producing

While the magic often happens for the camera, the real work is in the studio.  Directing, Editing and Producing are essential to creating a masterpeice


Underwater Photography

As a professional extreme water sports athlete of many years, I am very comfortable in the ocean,  a certified diver and have done extensive work underwater work with Red Epic, 35mm film, and DSLR cameras

Safety is always #1 working underwater

On this production we had 3 lifeguards, the camera was connected both with audio and visual signals back to the director on the boat.


Drone Cameras

a 4K Drone is standard equipment in todays bag of tools.   I use the DJI Phantom Pro, with 3 axle stabilization.  You can view some drone footage HERE

Lighting is Critical

Natural Lighting is my favorite, and one of my specialties.  A couple of simple reflectors or just natural sunlight can produce amazing images.  Sometimes though, a production will call for the best lighting possible and Maui has everything you will need when it comes to Grip and Electrical


Check our Availability

Many of my jobs take me on the road so please contact me sooner than later to book a job.  I look forward to working with you and your team!