The drive to Tbilisi.

Our home for 2 months driving around the Black Sea. This is Saghamo lake in Southern Georgia. We camped here like most places… Alone with nature. Photo Mike Waltze

No, not Atlanta Georgia… The Country Georgia that neighbors Turkey, Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. I ended up driving and camping through this amazing country by mistake. I honestly had no concept of this tiny country a year before visiting it.

I needed to get some dental work done in Poland as it was 1/3 of the price of having the work done in the US. My Girlfriend is Polish so it made sense to save $20,000. The dental work is another story but yes I highly recommend going to Poland if you need more that $10,000 worth of work done.

Any back to how I ended up in Georgia. I asked my girlfriend, Dagmara if we could rent a car and go camping in the Carpathian mountains that run through Romania. As I was researching what routes to take and where to camp, she asked me one day,
“please, please, will you take me to Turkey?”
“Whats in Turkey?” i asked.
“A place called Capadocia”
“What’s in Capadocia?”

The answer to that my friends is another post but yes if you are ready for a real adventure, go to Turkey in a 4WD camper van, try to visit as many secluded Turkish beaches as you have time for, both on the Black Sea, Aegean and Mediteranian seas, then absolutely spend time in Capadocia.

If your driving to Turkey from Poland, through Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria , it just makes sense to go to Georgia and take a ferry back to Odessa, and that’s exactly what we did. I’ll let the pictures tell the story

I think this is Akhalsikhe, Georgia. One of the first cities north of Turkey
The road we took from the Turkey boarder to Tbilisi Georgia runs along a beautiful river with rolling hills, mountains and canyons. photo Mike Waltze
Georgia is full of old castles. The only difference from the rest of Europe is they are all empty! Photo Mike Waltze

Saghamo lake, Georgia where we camped for the night. Photo Mike Waltze
Compared to some of the roads in Ukraine, The roads in Georgia were fairly decent in most places. Photo Mike Waltze
Tbilisi has many parts to the city. It would take a couple of days or more to see it all.
Photo Mike Waltze
The Tsalka Reservoir in the background, a couple hours outside of Tbilisi, Georgia
photo Mike Waltze

To See lots more photos of the Drive to Tbilisi, follow this link

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