I drove to Tbilisi, Georgia from the northern mountains of Turkey.  You can follow my Drive to Tbilisi here..

There are a few different sections to the city.  Old Tbilisi,  Really old Tbilisi and more modern industrialized Tbilisi.   The food, the people, the wind, the chacha, their local spirit made from grapes… all of it is fantastic.  It will take at least 2 or three days to absorb the city.

Old section of Tbilisi… photo: Mike Waltze

Old Tbilisi Doors

One of the first thing you will notice in the old city are the doors.  Georgians take pride in their old doors and there are lots of them to marvel at.  

Most of the doors are hundreds of years old and made from Georgian Hard woods.

Georgians love their wine!

Did you know that the first wine ever made from grapes came from Georgia.  This is a known fact in Georgia and all of Europe but you wont find the French or Italians talking much about this subject. 

With the exchange rate you can find fantastic local wines for only a few dollars a bottle, and of course you can find excellent wines in the 15 – $30 dollar range.

Georgia Iron Work

Notice the iron work in the photo above.  You will find amazing metal work, and iron work all of the country of Georgia.  If I was building a new house, I think I would go to Georgia just to collect old metal work!

A few more random shots of the old city

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