Visa / United Airlines  - First A/C

This was a run and gun production for Visa and United.  We had 3 days to shoot about 8 scenes, all of them with Dolly's,  and lighting, yes even underwater.   I was first A/C on this gig and for anyone in the industry, this is the most demanding job on the set as I was moving cameras, pulling focus, lens changes, and filter changes to name just a few duties.  The images are from my focus monitor.

That First Glide - Feature Film Documentary

This 60 minute documentary tells the story of the sport of Stand Up Paddling from legends Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, Kai Lenny, Robby Naish, Dave Kalama, and dozens of early pioneers of the sport.

Filmed in Hawaii on the island of Maui and Oahu, Fiji and Tahiti.

Produced, filmed, written and directed by Mike Waltze.

Broadcast Television - Camera Operator

In this production, matching the ocean in the background was important thus the 3 HMI lights to accommodate for 3 camera angles.

This was shot on the west side of Maui at on the balcony of a restaurant in Kapalua.

A variety of images working in the field

Versatility is the key to good production.  From special event, concerts with bands like Sting and Santana and YoYo Ma,  Personalities like Oprah and Wayne Dyer, Boats, Helicopters and some of the best ocean athletes in the world, every production is always exciting in some way!